Dairy Free Cookies?

Hampton Creek makes a lot of dairy free stuff. I especially love the dairy free mayonnaise. One day while in Target I happened to see that they now make dairy free cookie dough in 2 flavors. Chocolate chip and birthday cake. My curiosity made me buy the chocolate chip ones. Dairy free cookies could not be good, right?

The baking instructions are per usual. Heat an oven, scoop out some dough, bake, let cool on cookie sheet. Boom. Simple, no problem. I was ready for some weird taste, texture, something. But no! They bake and melt down like a normal cookie. The texture is just like a regular cookie. And finally the taste. They taste like normal cookies! WHAT?! 

I’m telling the truth. My husband and I triple checked the ingredients list thinking we missed something. They had to have some kind of dairy in them. NOPE!

If you are out and about and see these. Do yourself a favor and get you some.


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