New Liquid Lipsticks: Drugstore Edition

Hey people! I’m back with some more liquid lipsticks! Recently there have been new makeup launches at the drugstore. The new MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipsticks by Wet N Wild were being talked about everywhere I turned so I just had to try at least one. I did not find them at my local Rite Aid but I did find them at my local Walgreens.

img_8158There are 13 shades total however there were only 6 – 8 shades available in-store. I picked up the 2 that spoke to me the most, Nudist Peach and Give Me Mocha.

When I swatched both colors I LOVED Nudist Peach. However swatches on the back of my hand and actual application on the lips are 2 different things. My lips are naturally rosy which caused a problem with Nudist Peach. Even after 2 coats, the lipstick was very streaky and my natural lip color still shown through. Give Me Mocha applied beautifully. It’s basically the same color of my natural lip color. It felt comfortable to wear and lasted pretty much all day.

img_8161By far my favorite new liquid lipsticks are by Jordana. I’m not sure if these are new or old but they are new to me. Since I’d never really heard of the brand I was a bit hesitant to try these Sweet Cream Matte liquid lipsticks.

The color range is fantastic! The 3 that spoke my name the loudest were Tiramisu, Molten Chocolate Cake, and Cinnamon Toast (in order from left to right in the photo). The ‘cream’ in the name is so true. These are the most comfortable hydrating liquid lipsticks I’ve ever tried. Including high-end brands. They are not drying, flaky, or cracky. I have NOTHING bad to say about these lip colors. I plan on getting more shades.

If you are interested in seeing swatches of any of these colors, check out the video below.


    1. M.Morris

      I really like the ones by Jordana. They are pretty comfortable on the lips and don’t really crack or peel like some other liquid lipsticks do. The only thing about the Jordana liquid lipsticks is they are a bit deeper when applied then they appear in the tube.

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      1. Brittney Ross

        You’re welcome! I’m currently in the process of moving to a self-hosted blog and transferring my site from to so that’s why there’s an error message! It should be up and running soon! I’ll be sure to let you know when the transfer is complete!!!


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