Things I’ve Tried This Month

screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-8-23-06-pmCover Fx Perfecting Setting Powder in mediun deep. I ended up returning this. The color was too deep for me. It made my foundation a whole shade deeper. Also I noticed that the powder exaggerated my pores, dramatically. I looked like an old hag. No joke! Not only did my pores look the size of craters every line and crinkle seemed to show once I applied the powder. Maybe it’s due to the mismatch in shade but I was completely unimpressed with this setting powder.


Tatcha Essence – It’s okay. Nothing to write home about. It has absolutely no fragrance. It is very gently on the skin. Too gentle for me.  It feels like you are just wiping water over your face. I don’t feel any softening or toning.

If you like the whole “essence” toner versus a regular toner. Shiseido’s Essence is wonderful! It’s also light with no fragrance. It has more of a light oil feel versus the watery feel of Tatcha’s Essence. With Shiseido’s Essence I feel like I’m getting some kind of beneficial skin poilroperties.

Neutrogena Cleansing Oil. I used it for a solid month. Maybe even longer. It works very well! This is a great drugstore alternative to the high-end oil cleansers. The only thing I don’t like is the fragrance. After using an oil cleanser that has absolutely no fragrance, to then coming back to use the Neutrogena oil, the fragrance seemed very strong. Outside of that I have nothing negative to say about this oil cleanser.

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