Holy Grail: Skin Care Edition

In honor of my wonderful friend, Type of Beautiful, and the guest post she did for me of her Holy Grail products, I’ve decided to list my own. Starting with skin care. Let’s get right to it.

Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains – $44

These lose buffing grains from Bobbi Brown are amazing! These are lose exfoliating grains you can add to any facial cleanser to make it an instant exfoliating cleanser! I noticed a dramatic difference in my hyper-pigmentation from acne when I used this on a consistent basis. Consistent for me is 3-4 times a week. Basically every other day. This may be a bit too much if you have sensitive skin or if you are new to exfoliating. The grains are hard so you don’t want to use more than a dime sized amount.

Pixie Glow Tonic Toner – $15 at Target

The Glow Tonic toner from Pixie is amazing! it has a very strong Ginseng smell but I like it. It wakes me up especially in the morning. The thing I like the most about this toner is that it isn’t drying. A lot of toners I’ve tried in the past were VERY drying throwing my skin out of whack and making my already oily skin even oilier. If you are not a fan of the smell My second go to toner is the Tea Tree Oil Toner from The Body Shop. This one is GREAT for acne prone skin and doesn’t have a strong smell. Just make sure you give it a good shake before applying.

My hands down favorite serum is the Genefique by Lancome. The packaging is so sleek and product efficient. Meaning it’s impossible for you to use too much and waste product. With the 0.5 oz bottle of this stuff coming in at $78, trust me you don’t want to waste a drop of this stuff. It is outrageously expensive but I have to admit it’s worth the splurge if you can afford it. The major thing I noticed with this serum is the texture change of my skin. As I’m sure you’ve heard me mention time and time again, I am acne prone and have scarring and texture to prove it. Well once I started using this the areas of my face (my cheeks and chin) with the most texture, I noticed started smoothing out. My makeup applied much better, much smoother and my face was moisturized without being greasy.

If you cannot afford the splurge, I understand, so I have an alternative for you. The Marcuja Oil by Tarte is really good. Again it is almost impossible to waste product and it is fast absorbing. The smell isn’t as great as the Genefique but it’s not bad. The travel sized bottle is only $14 and the full size is $44. Either way, leaps and bounds cheaper than Lancome! Also all of Tarte’s products are cruelty free and vegan friendly.

Origin’s GinZing Moisturizer – $27.50

Rounding out my list of Holy Grail skin care fave’s is the Origin’s GinZing Energy-boosting moisturizer. I love this stuff because it’s extremely affordable, works beautifully, and absorbs into the skin. The formula is very, very light which makes it so absorbent. You get 1.7 ounces which is unheard of for the price point. The smell is light and due to the quantity it last for months.

And that’s it folks! My list of Holy Grail skin care products. Did I mention one of your favorite products? Let me know! Is their something I missed that I need to try? Let me know!

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    1. M.Morris

      It’s amazing! The price sucks! LOL. Keep an eye out. This time of year sometimes places like Sephora get it in a travel size or in one of those beauty rewards sizes it you don’t want to spend the full amount on it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. M.Morris

        I mean, I guess it depends on your perspective. The largest bottle is $175, The medium size is $105, and the smallest bottle is $78.

        I also have sensitive skin but I typically don’t have problems with serums. However facial cleansers give me the blues most of the time :(.


      2. tatetiffany

        ohh that not very very expensive, i think if i don’t react to the sample/travel size I will definitely get a large size..I break out with facial masks and cleansers but the origins mask didn’t do that to it so it most likely will work for you too 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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