Yesterday officially marks 1 year from the day I decided to jump off the ledge and start my blog. I don’t really want to do this long reflective post I just really want to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who has checked out an article. Thank you to everyone who has followed the blog, and to everyone who has supported me over this past year. Numerical growth hasn’t come as easily as I thought it would (I was under some illusions on how all this works). But I am happy to say the blog and my numbers have grown and I am appreciative of the fact that I have stuck with it for an entire year.

I decided to start this adventure 366 days ago over bourbon and a movie and today I am having just as much fun learning and posting as I had on night 1. I am excited and ready to see what this next 365 days has in store for me. Again thank you for supporting Major Morris, my catalog of recommendations through life experiences.


*photo cred: idealist careers

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