Wine For Women, Is Like Scotch For Men

Let’s Take a Closer Look…

This topic came about randomly (as I’m sure most of my post will). One night while I was sitting on the couch working on this here website. My fiancé and I were watching The League and just shooting the breeze.

There was one scene and I forget exactly how it played out, where one of the guys was talking to his group of guy friends. They were talking about how no one wants to sit at home and drink wine alone. My fiancé turns to me and says “That’s kind of true……” 

In an effort to fully explain the divinity of sitting home, sipping on your favorite wine, and partaking in whatever other activity you thoroughly enjoy, it came to me. The perfect way to explain everything in a few words.

I politely turned to him and said……..“Wine for women, is like scotch for men”.

At that moment, the look on his face said “I got it.” It was like a light bulb instantly clicked on. I could see it shining brightly atop his wavy, curly head of hair. Think back for a moment to when you were a kid watching Saturday morning cartoons and they had the thought bubbles appear over characters heads. Yeah, it was like that. The light bulb was on and shining bright like a diamond (before you wonder, yes, I sung that in my best Rhianna voice as I typed it and I have no shame, NONE!). 

Just to set the stage and provide perhaps a bit of deeper, fuller understanding, let me set the scene.

A Man’s ideal evening: A glass of good scotch, a comfy recliner, and television (or magazine, cigar, gaming console, whatever they prefer)

A Woman’s ideal evening: A glass of wine, a comfy couch, and an episode of Project Runway (or newspaper, magazine, whatever is preferred)

Of course there is no cookie cutter “perfectly relaxing evening” for all men or all women. I was just in the mood to share my seemingly random conversation and subsequent perfect string of words that followed.

What is your idea of a perfectly peaceful and relaxing evening? Please share.


  1. Tiffany

    Ditto to the glass of wine (preferably red) and some nice music or one of my favorite shows. Wine is like that comforting factor at the end of a long week. 🙂


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