Today I listened to……..

Today I listened to The Minority Trailblazer’s podcast hosted by Greg Hill. I have a love/hate relationship with this podcast at the moment. The premise of the podcast is dope as shit. Greg is a black entrepreneur who interviews other (usually black) entrepreneurs. His guest list is comprised pretty evenly of men and women. All […]


The Amazing Chef Zan

Last night one of my very good friends celebrated her birthday at ThornCreek Winery in Aurora, Oh. We ate, drank, and were merry. Once things started slowing down, my husband and I ordered our last glass of wine and were preparing to say our goodbyes. Enter Chef Zan, a small stature woman, rocking a fun, […]


Today’s Juice

Snacking on some Nature Box, watching Criminal Minds. Finally getting to relax. Wondering what I’m sipping on? See the ingredients below. I made it myself.  Ingredients: Dandelion – 1/4 bunch Cucumber – 1 Dinosaur Kale – 1/4 bunch Beets – 4 Aspargus – 1/2 bunch Lemon – 1 Tangelo’s (oranges) – 2 FYI: The juice […]