Sit Back And Listen • Origin Story

Hi People!

Ever since Baby Bear was born, she’s loved to be read to. During the pandemic my husband noticed how engaged Baby Bear was when I read stories to her and suggested that I go live daily, at a specific time, and read kids books to kids. Reading kids books to kids is something that I’ve long enjoyed. While I was not interested in going live daily on video, his suggestion got me thinking….. How could I share my love of reading books to kids?

And so the seed of Sit Back and Listen was planted.

Once a week an episode will be released of me reading a book to Baby Bear. As she grows the stories may grow. For now, we are reading Pre-K level stories. I hope you or the little one(s) in your life enjoys the stories we read.

I will try to always put the link to the book we are reading in the episode description in case you are interested in purchasing it.

Lastly, the sound will not be the crispiest as this is a labor of love. Alot of episodes were recorded on my phone with no external microphone so please be kind. As I continue to release episodes, improving the sound is a top priority.

And with that, I introduce you to the Sit Back & Listen Podcast.

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