Project Pan: Hunny Bunny Review

Hey People!

I just finished up my Hunny Bunny LUX Body Cream. If you are unfamiliar, Hunny Bunny is a skin, hair, & body care boutique owned by Nya and Zuri. The company was created by Leigh Byers (Nya and Zuri’s mom) years ago when she was looking for bath products for her daughter. Not wanting to use products on her (at the time) 1 year old that contained a bunch of unknown, unpronounceable ingredients, her husband suggested that she make soap at home. And that she did! The company is now owned by Nya and Zuri who not only test products on themselves before putting them on shelves, but also are heavily involved in product development and formulation.

To date I’ve tried the sunflower and calendula body soap, olive oil body soap , (no scent) body butter, and most recently the LUX body cream.

Initially, I was drawn to the company under the same circumstances as Leigh (the creator). I had a little one and was looking for products I felt comfortable using on her. After some Googling I came across this brand and decided to give them a try.

Review – The body soaps are amazing. The sunflower and calendula bar smelled really good! The bars provided a luxurious lather and I felt safe using them on my little one. She did not have any sort of breakout from either bar soap. There are no fragrances or parfums in either bar soap and they lasted a pretty long time. NOTE: We did experience some irritation in her more sensitive areas. Olive Oil bodybar $5, Sunflower & Calendula – unavailable

I was so excited to try the no scent body butter. It did not disappoint. My little one has some dry area’s on her skin and regular baby lotions and oils were not helping. I decided to try something a bit richer to see if it helped. This body butter was just what I was looking for. The product melted down perfectly in my hands and applied with ease. It absorbed into her skin within a few minutes without leaving an oily or greasy residue. This product is fragrance and parfum free and contained some wonderful ingredients like shea butter, grapeseed oil, and vitamin E. We did not experience any reactions or rash from using this product and it lasted FOR-EV-ER! Body Butter (no scent) $20

Most recently I tried the LUX body cream on myself and OH BUDDY! I have nothing but fantastic things to say! With ingredients like shea butter, argan oil, mango butter, and vitamin E, how can this product not be amazing? I’ve tried my fair share of body creams, whips, and butters. This one stood out immediately. This body cream has a light whipped texture that melted easily when warmed in-between my hands. The resulting oil spread wondrously on my skin and absorbed within minutes. There was no oily or greasy residue so I didn’t have to worry about stainning my clothes. I also have very dry skin that has a tendency to scale and/or crack if I don’t use products that can really get in and absorb into my skin. After a few days of using the LUX body cream I noticed the scaling I had on my legs was gone. My skin was soft, supple, and glowing. LUX Body Cream $25

Proof that I used all the LUX Body Cream…

If you’re contemplating trying any of these products, I hope this review helped! Also, last thing, previously I’ve reached out to the company (via Instagram) for things like updates on product restocks, shipping details, and recommendations and they were very responsive.

See you soon with more #projectpan updates and reviews.

*None of the links in this post are sponsored or affiliated with the company.


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