30 Day Makeup Challenge Day 18

What’s your favorite nighttime look?

I’d have to say natural. I have yet to master the Smokey eye and I’m not comfortable enough with eye shadow to do bold colors so I tend to keep it pretty simple whether day or night. For night, I may wear heavier liner or a bold lipstick as my way to amp up my look.


  1. Brittney Ross

    I tend to TRY and play around with the darker neutrals (darker browns and oranges) at night time but I’m with you, I definitely haven’t mastered the smokey eye trend. I guess I’ll just keep trying. lol. Thanks for sharing! xo

    1. M.Morris

      Do you watch Jackie Aina in Youtube? The eye looks she come up with are beautiful. I would love to rock them but my technique is not quite there. I end up looking like a raccoon around the eyes.

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