30 Day Makeup Challenge Day 14

Favorite YouTube guru(s)?

I have 3.

  1. Jackie Aina – I love her energy. She seems so genuine in front of the camera. Sometimes she can be a bit extra but she knows she’s extra. She is one of the largest black beauty YouTubers. She carved out a lane for herself by calling out larger makeup brands for their lack of inclusivity of women of color in their complexion products. She was actually the first YouTuber I saw doing it before it became the popular thing to do. Beyond that, homegirl can do makeup! Her eye looks are always #goals and she gives all the tips and tricks to keep your foundation looking flawless all day.
  2. Jaclyn Hill – She was the first beauty guru I started following on YouTube. This was WAYYYYY before she is who she is now. Jaclyn taught me how to blend trick, blend (S/O to Shameless Maya)! She will slay any and all eye looks. She used to be very charismatic and comfortable in front of the camera. After she started blowing up,  doing collabs and coming out with eyeshadow pallets. She stopped uploading as much and seemed different in front of the camera. Recently she announced that she and her husband were divorcing which would explain why she felt different on camera. Since the announcement she has been uploading more and her videos are starting to feel more like the old Jaclyn.
  3. GlamTwinz334 – When I started watching this duo their channel was centered around natural hair. Eventually their channel morphed into what it is now. Mainly makeup and skincare.Every now and then they still through in a hair video but mainly they stick with beauty. What I like about them is they are young black women doing the damn thing! They’ve written a book, they do speaking engagements, and they are out here making a name for themselves on their own terms.  They also play well off each other. Their videos have always felt genuine and entertaining.

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