30 Day Makeup Challenge Day 3

Favorite Brand?

I would have to say my favorite brand is NARS. Their lipstick crayons are to die for and I love the shade range of their complexion products. They are a bit on the pricey side but they are brown girl friendly. “We” (we being us melanin infused folks) don’t have to wait for the second or third launch of a foundation for our shades to be included with NARS. We can jump in and be apart of the hype during initial launches of new products which I appreciate. There is nothing more bothersome then watching people talk about a product that you cannot try and have no idea when you will be able to try due to lack of shade availability. *cough, cough TARTE!*


  1. learningbeaut by Ruth Garcia

    The thought of wanting to try a foundation but having to wait is aggravating! I am glad more brands are expanding their shade range in the first launch and that voices are being heard! I think this movement will change the makeup world for the better!

    1. M.Morris

      I totally agree. I’m glad that more women are speaking up and that our voices are being heard. Hopefully brands will start considering all people in their initial launches.

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