Don’t Waste Your Money: November 2017

I recently broke down and bought the beauty lovers staple. If you don’t know what that is, if you’ve ever watched any sort of beauty room tour on YouTube, you’ve surely seen the white drawers that are typically at all beauty guru’s vanities. Those white drawers are Alex drawers from Ikea.

Upon transitioning my makeup from its old home to its new home. I realized I have alot of stuff that is either old, the incorrect shade, or I just don’t use anymore. And so, my purging began. Below are a few items that I decided to toss for one reason or another.

tea-tree-mattifying-lotion-1-640x640The Body Shop – Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion – I purchased this product hoping that it would work as good as the toner (from the same line) but it didn’t. It did not mattify nor did it really moisturize. I tried it under a few different foundations. With setting powder without setting powder and within 3 hours I was always a shiny mess. – $15.99


0052131_keratoplast-cleansing-lotion_390Next we have the Keratoplast Cleansing Lotion by Mario Badescu. Don’t let the name fool you, this is simply a toner. What initially drew me to this toner were the ingredients. I was looking to try something more gentle containing less chemicals. The description of the product’s benefits had all the right buzz words. Removes pore-clogging dirt! Dead skin! Alcohol free! Contains aloe vera! Sounds amazing right? Maybe for someone with dramatically sensitive skin however that is not me. I do have sensitive skin but I also have acne prone, oily skin so I need my toner to have a little something, something to it and this had nothing. It almost felt like rubbing water on my face. There was no removal of dead skin, no glow, no change in my pores, nothing. – $15

almond glow

Over the summer, I picked up Covergirl’s  Queen Collection Natural Hue foundation in Almond Glow. Since it was summer, I was looking for something lightweight that I could wear everyday that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. I live in the Midwest so summer here only last a few months. Meaning I would only be able to use the foundation for a short period of time. So why spend $40+?

There are only a few drugstore foundations I’ve found with the right undertone for my skin. I thought this foundation would be perfect! And for a while it was fine. However the more I wore it the more I realized that it provided little to no coverage at all. It helped reduce redness but that was it. I wanted lightweight coverage, not zero coverage. I would have to follow-up with concealer and powder which was not something I was looking to do in the summer months. When it’s hot, I’m low maintenance. I just want to apply and go. – $8.79

milaniThis next one may be a bit controversial. At one point in time it was all the rage but it never seemed to work for me. The mist-er on the Milani Make it Last setting spray bottle was not the delicate spray of fine particles that you always hope for. It was streaky, heavy, and splotchy.  I would have huge, shiny dots all over my cheeks that made it dry unevenly. If I ran the nozzle under hot water it would help for one to two uses, but who’s trying to do that every time they set their face?! – $9.99


trest.jpgBack when I was a member of the Sephora Play community. I received a highlighter from a brand, TreStique. I remember swatching it and getting very excited! The color payoff seemed great. It was this gold, glowy color that I was eager to get on my cheeks! After applying the highlighter to my cheeks, I went to blend it out and it damn near blended away. I used my fingers using the same technique I always use and poof! Highlighter, gone. In an effort to give it a real go. I used the product a few more times and each time POOF! Highlighter, gone. – $28


big shot.jpgI think it was last month, Maybelline launched a new mascara. I thought the Colossal Big Shot mascara was it but now I think I may have been mistaken. Regardless, I purchased the Colossal Big Shot mascara with hopes of butterfly fluttery, full, lengthy lashes. NOPE! One coating is a laugh. Your lashes won’t look any fuller, thinker, or even more pronounced. You have to use at least two coats to even see the mascara show up on your lashes. When I ventured into 3 to 4 layers it started clumping up too much for my liking so this mascara has got to go! – $8.49

Now, looking at all of these products. I realize that I scrapped $86 worth of products and I’m not done yet! Woo that number hurts! That’s a new pair of shoes, an outfit, dinner, a bill! I hope this post will help some of you save your hard-earned dollar so you don’t waste it like I did. Be sure to keep me updated on what your collection is looking like. Tis the season for purging? What is acutally worth the price? Let me know the answers in the comment section.

Until next time……



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