Sephora Play: May 2017

I finally received my May Play box from Sephora. There was a slight hold up but it’s here now so lets unbox this thing!

This months stuff came in the cutest package (I like this month’s packaging much better than last month’s.


img_9793The first thing that grabbed by attention was something titled Grande Lips. I initially thought it was a lip gloss but it’s actually a lip gloss AND a lip plumper. Being completely honest, I was very nervous about this. I have pretty full lips already plus almost every YouTube video I’ve seen of someone using a lip plumper they’ve yelled and screamed in agony. Okay, maybe not agony. I’m being dramatic, but it always looks painful. Surprisingly, this product was not painful at all. There was a slight tingling sensation that lasted for 10-15 seconds but that was it. I did notice that my lip lines were less pronounced after applying the gloss. I don’t know if I’m liking it enough to buy at full price ($27).img_9819






The next thing I pulled out was in a green jar. “No. Could it be? Something from……..YES, Tata Harper!” I’ve been dying to try something from Tata Harper but they are not the most affordable brand on the market. I was drawn to them because all of their products are natural and I’ve been incorporating more natural products into my skincare regimen. I have yet to try the face mask; I am really excited.

I LOVE a good highlighter. In fact highlighters are something I seem to be accumulating more than any other makeup product (I don’t know where they all came from. Maybe the makeup fairy?). Anywho, when I realized this month’s box included a highlighter I was pumped!

It sheers out quite a bit after blending

Cream highlighter’s are my fave but I have to say I was not impressed by this one from TreStiQue. It’s VERY, VERY subtle. It may be good for someone new, just getting into makeup. Or someone with naturally flawless skin that just wants a kiss of something extra. But if you like beaming from down the street and around the corner. This is not for you. I repeat, this is not for you.

The same day I used the aforementioned highlighter, I used a blurring primer from Milk Makeup which was also included in this month’s Play box. Milk did a huge PR mailing recently to get everyone talking about this blur stick. Every time I opened YouTube, someone was using this blur stick that was of course sent to them. (I’m definitely not hating! Get your money boo, boo. Milk, if you’re reading this, holler at your girl!). I digress, admittedly I thought it was a gimmick and wasn’t expecting much from the product.

img_9788Surprise, Surprise. It actually worked. I noticed that my makeup still looked amazing even after 6+ hours. To be transparent I did use it with an extremely mattifying foundation that I set with a powder. However, most of the time I still get oily after 3 hours even after priming and setting my makeup. I’m going to have to use it with a normal finish foundation to see if I still get the same longevity and oil control from the primer. As of now, it’s getting two thumbs up from me. If it continues to perform, I may have to drop $36 on the full size.

“AH! Only one product left. Christophe Robin. What is this?”

I thought it was a face scrub. I opened the jar to find a thick white substance possessing large granules. Upon further investigation I realized that it was not a face scrub but a shampoo. I was intrigued. I was so intrigued that I used it the next day. I had to see how it worked. The instructions say to place a dollop in the palm of your hand and massage into the scalp to build the lather. The granules are actually sea salt which is meant to draw out oils and impurities resting on the scalp. Once a lather has been built up, the instructions say to rinse the product from the hair.

I have THICK curly hair. When I wear it in its natural state it’s difficult to get to the root so I was skeptical. Again, sur-prise, sur-prise! The first time I tried working in a dollop of the product I felt the sea salt cubes but it seemed like I had to use a lot of product. Once I rinsed that application out and went in with a second dose. BOY OH BOY! You talk about lather. The product lathered up so incredibly well. It felt amazing.

I have to warn that the shampoo is a clarifying shampoo so your hair will feel really, really clean. Be ready to followup with some sort of nourishing conditioner and for my natural sisters out there you may also want to deep condition. This is not going to be a shampoo you want to use all the time.

*Bonus note: This month’s fragrance was Black Tulip by Nest. It has floral notes which is why I thought I may like it but no mam! There is something sweet about it (perhaps the plum notes) which I DO NOT like. The perfume was also very strong. I wore it to work one day and counted down the second until I could come home and wash it off. The scent itself is not terrible, it’s just not for me. If you gravitate towards slightly sweeter (not sugary sweet) scents I suggest trying this out.

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