Beauty Subscriptions

Subscription services have burst onto the scene in a major way. Mainly for the convenience and curation. Who doesn’t want to feeling like they have a personal shopper tailoring everything to their preferences? I’ve been chit chatting with Hayley Taylor of Fashion Trinket (I love her site, it’s so cute! Check it out) on her post about a subscription service she has called My Little Box. I was all set and ready to subscribe based off her post. Then I found out that the subscription service does not currently ship to the US (which is where I am). Because I was so impressed with My Little Box, I went on a hunt to see if there were any similar subscription services shipping to the US.

My Googling led me to a cool article listing the top 9 beauty subscription services (you can find that article here). That list opened my eyes to beauty boxes known and unknown. The only downside was a lot of the services seemed to be based in the UK meaning they were not offered to US customers, or if they were there was an additional international shipping fee. There were 3 services from that list that caught my attention, Cohorted ($35), Mintd ($65), and Love Lula ($12.50).

  • Love Lula is a subscription service for natural and organic beauty/skin care products. It’s based in the UK. It does ship to the US but has an international shipping fee of $5 making the service $17.50 for anyone outside the UK ($12.50 for people in the UK). Also they do not offer the monthly subscription option to US customers, only quarterly or annual subscriptions.
  • Mintd is a luxury beauty box containing 4/5 full or super deluxe sized products from high-end brands. The cost of the service is $65 and the products in the box will always total at least $135. The smart thing Mintd did was give two options. Probably understanding that $65 a month may be a bit steep for some, they offer a bi-monthly option. Looking at the size of the products in the box there is no way you’d go through the products in 30 days. So opting for the bi-monthly option would probably be the way to go. (Just my opinion). Upside: Mintd ships WORLDWIDE! Downside: Shipping is only free in the UK. There is a $6.50 shipping charge for North America and Western Europe, $7.50 charge for the rest of the world.
  • Cohorted is a midrange box offering brands like NARS and Lancome. This subscription service is only available to UK customers. Which sucks for me because this was the box I was most drawn to. At $35/month it seems to be the most bang for your buck.

I guess it’s back to the drawing board for me. I recently subscribed to and received my first Sephora Play box. It was okay. But I can see why people are less than thrilled and opt for different subscription services. Especially after reading the 9 best beauty subscription boxes. The size of the products are pretty scrawny. But for $10 a month beggars can’t be choosers.

Below is a video of what I got in my Sephora Play box if you are interested.

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