BOLD Food & Drink

Last night the hubby and I decided to have dinner downtown. We had no plan, no idea of where we wanted to go, so we just decided to wing it. We headed down to The Flats (for anyone who doesn’t know ‘The Flats’ is a particular part of Cleveland’s downtown area). We parked and pretty much did eny-meny-miny-mo.

BOLD Food & Drink was the winner. My husband’s company had their Christmas party there last year but neither of us had been there to actually sit down and eat off the menu. The menu was pretty diverse. They have roasted bone marrow, duck, lobster rolls, hamburgers, chicken, steak and much more. We decided to keep it pretty light as neither one of us were terribly hungry.

For our appetizer we got Maine Lobster Nachos. They were DELICIOUS! They come with guacamole, romaine heart, lemon, and sweet soy. I am usually not a fan of guacamole but I decided to give it a try. Boy was I glad I did! It was so creamy. The flavor of the guac paired with the sweet soy and the saltiness of the chip was amazing. I could’ve just eaten that on its own. The lobster was cooked beautifully it just melted in your mouth. MMM, MMMM GOOD!


For dinner I went with the East Bank Salad which is baby kale, quinoa, grapes, dates, pecans, Lake Erie creamery goat cheese, maple lime vinaigrette. I did not get dates or goat cheese. I was a bit leery of the maple lime vinaigrette.So I asked for a side of the rosemary beet vinaigrette instead (which is the red dressing in the photo below). The waiter brought out the maple lime vinaigrette also and insisted that I try it. I had already made up in my mind that I was not going to like it. I drizzled the rosemary beet vinaigrette over my salad and commenced to eating. Halfway through the salad something told me to try the maple lime vinaigrette. I instantly regretted going with the rosemary beet vinaigrette. The maple lime was vinaigrette was phenomenal! (the white/cream dressing in the photo below).

The salad was amazing. The quinoa was cooked and seasoned to perfection. The seasoning of the quinoa with the grapes, pecans, and maple lime vinaigrette ……. fantastic!


My husband got the Organic Rocket Salad which is wild arugula, bourbon pecans, craisins, Lake Erie creamery chèvre, rosemary beet vinaigrette. He decided to add a piece of salmon. He said the salad was really good. He enjoyed the bourbon pecans and the maple lime vinaigrette.

$10 salad only; around $15 with addition of fish

We both ended dinner with a drink. My husband got the Bold Fashion which is Bold’s spin on an Old Fashion. My husband loves them and has become somewhat of an aficionadoHe had nothing but glowing things to say about the Bold Fashion. In fact he said it was one of the best he’s ever had. I got a glass of wine. A white Bordeaux it was not good.

All in all Bold was worth the trip. The wait staff was very nice and attentive and the ambiance was great.

*As always, thought’s and opinions expressed are my own. Nor was I paid for this post*

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