On the 10th Day of Christmas…

Wireless headphones! This is suitable for him or her. Especially if the giftee is a workout person, a creative, in school, or maybe studying for an exam of some sort. You can’t go wrong with wireless headphones.

I would recommend sweat proof/waterproof if you are getting them for someone who works-out and sweats a lot. The only downside to the sweat proof ones are most of them are the earbuds. I am not a fan. I don’t the ‘hook’ in my ear that allows earbuds to stick in my ears. They always, ALWAYS, fall out. I end up having to wrap them around my ears but they still fall out. It’s just bad. If you or the receiver are earbud people more power to you.

I prefer the big, earmuff style headphones. The music sound better, I am more engulfed with what’s coming through the headphones which allows me to zone out. If you are getting headphones for a creative or some studying for an exam I would recommend the noise cancelling version. Bose makes some BOMB noise cancelling headphones. I love the rose gold wireless joints below, they are so cute!


I hope today was helpful. Check ya’ll tomorrow!

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