Lake Metropark – Country Lights

Good evening people (or whatever time of the day it is when you are reading this).

Yesterday I went with some of my family to see the Country Lights. It’s an annual event held at Lake Metropark Farms. I do not know how I’ve never gone to this before seeing as though I’m known throughout my family as Mrs. Christmas.

As you approach the property you see a string of lights leading from the street back into darkness. As you turn onto the property you are greeted by tall, smiling wooden soldiers. As you drive past the soldiers, the pathway is lined in lights. I was so excited!

There is no missing the entrance as it draped in lights and decorations to show you the way.


When you walk through the front door you get a feel for what you are in for. Everything is decked out, trimmed in lights, and sparkly. “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” was playing on the speakers and there were 2 tall nicely decorated trees near the area where kids could pose for pictures.



Once we got checked in and took photos we went to the map to acquaint ourselves with the lay of the land. Each room has different activities for kids. There was Santa’s Workshop where kids could make toys. A classroom with over-sized toy houses, a train cycling a winter themed train track, a mailbox where kids could drop off their letters to Santa, and more wonderfully decorated trees. There was a room for cookie decorating, a room for toys and games, and a room for cow petting.

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Outside there was a huge sleigh to sit on, complete with Santa’s gift bag and all 9 reindeer.


Also outside, there was a hot cocoa stand which included funnel cakes and caramel popcorn. There was a mini fire-pit in the center of the action where you could sit, talk, warm up, drink your cocoa or simply take a load off.

I decided to partake in a funnel cake……I couldn’t resist!

Past all of that was the horse and carriage station. Here you could hop on board and the horse and carriage took you on a slow ride through more of the grounds filled with lights. Along the trail was a smaller barn where you could get off and kids could go on pony rides.

The overall experience was AWESOME! Just the right thing to kick off the holiday and put you in the holiday mood. Lake Farms does a fantastic job at decorating and making the place feel like a winter wonderland. Lastly, everyone they have working is so nice, so helpful, smiling, and warm. If you have children and happen to live in Lake County, you should check this event out. Tickets go fast!

Tis the season! As I do more things this holiday season I will try to post them and keep you updated on where I go and what I do just in case you are looking for things to do.

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