This past week James (the hubby) and I decided to take a last hurrah mini-vacation before it gets cold. He left the planning up to me since he was pretty busy at work.

The Place: Dewey Beach, DE. My mom has talked about vacationing in Rehoboth, DE for years but due to the size of our typical vacation group it’s been hard for her to get adequate accommodations. Since it was just going to be James and I, I figured this would be the perfect time to go. I did a few Google image searches and some reconnaissance on TripAdvisor and was sold. Originally I was looking to stay in Rehoboth but I came across the perfect place in Dewey.

The Accommodations: Typically when I take a vacation I’d rather stay in a more homey environment versus a hotel (unless I’m only going to be in that place for a day or so). Since we were going to be here a few days I knew I wanted to rent a small beach home, condo, or something along those lines. I used VRBO to browse available properties in the area. Many of the stand alone homes, even the small 1 bdrm homes, were more than we were looking to spend. Then I came across a condo that matched exactly what I was looking for and the price was good for me. I reached out to the owner, he checked his calendar, and the rest is history (fyi I forgot to take pictures of the condo but there is a video at the end that shows the condo).

The Trip: The trip started out rocky. I booked our rental from Budget and I was not happy with their fleet options or the customer service. Our original rental ended up flashing a maintenance warning the morning we were set to leave, so we had to go back to Budget and swap out cars. Pissed??? Sure was! After that debacle we hit the road. The drive wasn’t bad. We got there, checked in, and picked up our keys.

Dewey is very small. I mean you could drive through it in about 10 minutes. BUT it’s packed with all kinds of restaurants, shopping, and beach fun. There was a beach bonfire the day we arrived but we didn’t know about it so we missed it. Since Dewey is on the coast they have access to all kinds of fresh seafood and boy did we partake! The first night the realtor recommended a local hotspot called Big Fish Grill. It was quite delicious.

Big Fish’s menu. Wednesday’s are Lobster day!

After dinner we decided to take a drive over to Rehoboth. Rehoboth has a boardwalk which is what most people do when they go there.

It’s pretty long and quite busy. We were there just past peak season so it wasn’t nearly as crowded as it normally is. The boardwalk in Rehoboth was a 3 minute drive (at most) from Dewey.


Once we got our bearings, we headed to the grocery store to get a few things for the house. By the time we got settled in Wednesday evening we were beat! We just plugged in the Amazon Firestick and kicked back. The condo was on the Bay side and the beach was across the street. Thursday we got up and hit the beach! The water was really rough and cold so we didn’t get in.


After the beach, James and I decided to drive for a bit and see what we could see. There are a slew of little ‘beach towns’ along the strip of coast where Dewey is. We ended up at a Jamaican themed restaurant called Seacrets in Ocean City (which was about 30 minutes away). I thought the place was so dope. There are no floors, only sand so you feel like you are eating on the beach. There are also chairs and tables in the water out back where you can party, hang out, and drink to your hearts content all DAY long. They play nothing but Jamaican music and there are people who walk around and take your photo. For anyone who’s been to a resort in Jamaica, you know this happens all the time.

We grabbed a drink decided we didn’t want to eat there. James wanted some soft shelled crab. One of the bartenders was nice enough to recommended a place that was on our drive back called Crab Bag, that was supposed to have good soft shelled crab. The vibe when you walked in was a little “whoa”…. We were stared at, HARD. BUT it didn’t bother me. I sashayed right on to a table and took a seat. The waitress we had was very nice. Disclaimer: if you are thinking of visiting either Dewey or Rehoboth you may want to cleanse your body of sodium before you go because everything, EVERYTHING is doused in Old Bay. They leave it on the table right next to the salt and pepper.

img_6095Friday and Saturday we just hung out at the boardwalk, ate, and did some outlet shopping (which was literally 5 minutes up the street from the condo). Everything I ate with the exception of one thing was DELICIOUS! There was this place on the boardwalk that I really wanted to try that I didn’t get to try. The philly’s on the grill as we walked past looked like authentic street philly’s and I wanted one so bad! We also found Zoltar….If you were around in the late 80s early 90s you know exactly what this is………Don’t know? Watch the movie Big starring Tom Hanks. #CLASSIC!!

All in all we had a terrific time and can’t wait to go back! This may become one of our recurring vacation spots.

Below is a video showing a bit more of the trip. Enjoy….


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