Thought of the Day…..

There’s such a negative connotation regarding the word ‘quit’. Why? Who said? Where did it come from? There’s nothing wrong with quitting when it’s in your best interest. Quitting a job because it sucks and doesn’t make you happy nor does it fulfill you is not a bad thing. Quitting a relationship because it’s abusive or you are thoroughly unhappy is not a bad thing. Quitting climbing the corporate ladder because although you may have a cushy salary, you work 80 hrs a week, don’t see your family, and are fucking miserable, is not a bad thing.

I think it’s important to know when to throw in the towel. It serves no one for you to muster through any situation that is not fulfilling, adding value to your life, or making you increasingly happier. There’s a difference in mustering through the trenches when you know the end result will bring you joy, genuine joy versus mustering through the trenches because your boss, your significant other, your parents *insert whomever* thinks you should but you know, you know the end result will not make you any happier. So why do it? Why continue? Why be miserable? Why (in some instances) put yourself in debt? Why not ‘quit’. Why not throw in the towel on that particular thing to pursue some other thing that you are passionate about, that drives you, that motivates you?

Now I am not saying quit all things that make you unhappy right now and live off monopoly money. Of course not. What I do think is once you’ve removed all the outside racket telling you what THEY think is best for you. Once you have taken inventory of your life, of your current situation, and categorized what is beneficial. What brings you happiness. What drives you. What motivates you. And what is not beneficial. What things are bringing you the most anxiety, the most stress, what things you dread doing. Take that inventory and apply it. Start looking into paths, possibilities, or means to better align yourself with ways to bring more of the passionate, motivating things into your life and ‘quitting’ those dreadful, draining, non-beneficial things.

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