Day 18: Mixed Signals


We’re on. We’re dating, going to fancy restaurants, movies, traveling, etc. We’re having phenomenal conversation. You’ve got me mentally. I’m diggin’ you. We’re making plans for a future, a life together. Dog or cat? Rural house with a picket fence? Or, the bright lights and sounds of city living? Small or large family? We’re comparing bucket lists and reveling in the sound of each other’s laugh. We are admiring each others smile.

Uh oh! Somethings changed. At first it’s small things. Not as much attention. Not as much talk about future plans. Some text and phone calls get answered while others get brushed off. What is this? What’s happening? I’m confused! What are these mixed signals being sent my way? We were good a week ago?!

The mixed signals are now playing with my mind. I don’t know what to do. How to feel. These mixed signals are driving me bonkers!

We’re officially off. We hate each other. We can’t stand to be in each others presence. We don’t communicate. Our conversation about the other has turned ugly, bitter. “Well he didn’t do……” “Well she said …..” The lovely tone we once used has been tarnished and is now filled with negativity, doubt, and loathing.

I’m drunk. I’m overcome with feelings. Reminiscing on what once was and what now exist. I text something sarcastic laced with a hint of attitude. You actually respond. Hmmmmmm. We play text Tango. Going back and forth with each other. Dancing round and round what we really want to say. Someone, I can’t remember who since I’m inebriated, but someone catches the other off guard. We decide to meet at a later date. We enjoy the experience. Now we are back, where we started, on again….. All of this because of some damn mixed signals.  


    1. M.Morris

      First I want to say thank you for reading!

      I definitely feel text messaging has gotten in the way. I’ve been a victim far too often of taking offense to someone’s text message, getting all upset and bothered. Only to find out, through verbal communication that I took things completely wrong. I think A lot of stress and headache could be avoided if we just picked up the phone to have verbal dialog like we used to before text messaging came along.

      What do you think?

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      1. Inside Out Fitness and Nutrition

        I completely agree..I pik up the phone and make very clear with my grown kids and my dilemmas ever talked by’s to be used just for a happy note or important quick message check in..

        I have more than once been guilty of the same and changed that years ago..including getting off many messages and no enough personal calls or contact anymore.. I have consistently worked in changing that in my own life..


      2. M.Morris

        That’s awesome. I’m still on social media but it’s more so now to promote my blog versus personal use. Social media has worn off for me I think for this exact reason. People rather inbox or message you. I miss phone calls and hearing people’s voices.


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