Day 16: The Cycle Keeps Repeating

Today’s prompt was kind of tough. I had no idea what I was going to write about. No instant inspiration came to mind. But through random conversation inspiration struck.

The cycle that keeps repeating around me is poverty, poor education opportunities, food deserts, and poor decision-making. I live in what is known as an “urban” area, better known as the hood. Anyone who lives in the inner city knows the struggles and how the inner city and the people in it constantly get looked over. Grocery store companies are not knocking down doors to build or open locations here. Renown educators aren’t being wooed and recruited to come and teach our kids. Our communities aren’t built to be walkable and encourage walkability and exercise. Lastly, sometimes due to what seems to be insurmountable circumstances, lack of role models, prejudice, or flat-out dumb decisions, the cycle of poverty, poor education opportunities, food deserts, and poor decision-making keep repeating.

Now I’m not deep into the politics nor am  I going to pretend that I know all the inner working of building codes, approvals, contracts, funding or any of that other jazz. This is just my opinion, my observation, of the cycle I see around me.


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