Day 14: This Heartbreak…….

This heartbreak is real, painstakingly miserable. This heartbreak makes me cry for no reason. This heartbreak feels like it will never end. This heartbreak makes me unsure and less confident about myself and in myself. This heartbreak seems to be a cycle with different character debuts. This heartbreak brings back so many familiar questions; Why me? Why can’t he appreciate all I am? All I can be? Why can’t he see? This heartbreak causes me to doubt fairy tales of Prince Charming and the happily ever after.

This heartbreak makes me look deeper inside me. It makes me rethink what I say I want. This heartbreak strips me down. It brings me closer to God. This heartbreak sparks daily conversation, daily devotionals to the man upstairs. This heartbreak makes me stronger. Not only in myself but in my conversations with God. This heartbreak makes me better. It causes me to be able to ask, pray, and verbalize specifically what I want and what I don’t. This heartbreak makes me stronger. Going forward I will take note of the signs and red flags. I will not fall victim to the same shenanigans I fell for in the past. This heartbreak opens my eyes. It removes the beer goggles of emotions and lets me see clear.

This heartbreak was necessary. It was a learning experience that needed to happen. This heartbreak will not kill me. It will not last. This heartbreak has made me better. This heartbreak has made me stronger.

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