Day 9: The Madness Made Me Do It…..

I have to admit I was completely bewildered and uninspired by today’s prompt. But I read my girl Miss T’s interpretation of today’s prompt, love it, and wanted to share! She gave me the go ahead and without further aidue ……..

The madness made me do it… The madness made me buy those shoes, buy that bag, eat the piece of candy that I didn’t need. The madness made me drink too much, eat too much, and indulge on the things that were not good for me. The madness made me think I was in love, slash your tires (side eye), call you a thousand times when it wasn’t really worth it. The madness made me think I wasn’t worthy, take any job without knowing my worth. Yep the madness made me do these things…. 

Miss T

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