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Day 2: The Closer, The Better

Here we are at Day 2 and again it is not an easy prompt. Today’s writing prompt is “The Closer, The Better”. The closer to what the better the what? Was kind of my initial feeling and thought after reading today’s topic of discussion. After that initial feeling of what? professional career and personal life, specifically, […]


Day 1: What I Say & What I Whisper

Hello Everyone! It’s been awhile I know. Life happened but I’m back. I decided to participate in a 30 day blog challenge to help get my creative juices flowing. I’ve invited a few of my friends to participate with me. I am excited to see what happens. What stories we share, what realizations we come […]


The Walking Dead

I absolutely, positively, love me some Walking Dead. I liked the television show so much I started reading the comic books back during season 1. Let me say although the comic book differs from the show a tad bit. It’s awesome!!!! Better than the show! But that’s just my humble opinion. I just received the […]


Please Take A Moment

I’ve been trying to find the right words the proper words regarding the recent falling of 2 toddlers. I have not experienced the level of love that occurs when you have a child and therefore I cannot fully understand the level of heartbreak the families of the 2 slain boys are experiencing right now. However, […]