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The Walking Dead

I absolutely, positively, love me some Walking Dead. I liked the television show so much I started reading the comic books back during season 1. Let me say although the comic book differs from the show a tad bit. It’s awesome!!!! Better than the show! But that’s just my humble opinion. I just received the […]


Please Take A Moment

I’ve been trying to find the right words the proper words regarding the recent falling of 2 toddlers. I have not experienced the level of love that occurs when you have a child and therefore I cannot fully understand the level of heartbreak the families of the 2 slain boys are experiencing right now. However, […]


The Dutiful Fiancé

The Dutiful Fiancé Where Does Dutiful End & Silent Begin?…….. The Problem: Today was the first and possibly worse argument we’ve had in awhile. Surely since being engaged. We are all set to have a destination wedding in the next 9 months. Which means scheduling and timing is paramount. I am very much a financial steward. […]