Artist Couture Holiday Set

Hello everyones, everyones! (Yes, I did that intentionally).

I’ve been gone for about a week and some change but I’m back with some makeup talk. Over the holiday season one of my favorite Youtuber’s who happens to be black, announced she’d recently been part of a collaboration which was finally dropping. The Youtuber is Jackie Aina. She partnered with Artist Couture to create her very own brown girl friendly highlighter.

In the set you get the full size highlighter that Jackie created and 4 small highlighters that are more brown girl friendly. The highlighters are loose highlighters which I’ve never experienced. Based off the swatches I was sold and curious to try it out. The entire set was $53. That included tax and shipping. 

I am amazed at the quality and pa-pow of the highlighters. A little goes along way. They can be built up so everyone can see you beaming from the corner or they can be patted down for a subtle glow. Out of the 5 highlighters, I’ve tried 4. Illuminati is my favorite. It’s a straight gold highlighter that matches perfectly with my skin. Double Take is very frosty so I typically use that on my eyes as an inner corner highlight. Conceited also works well with my skin tone. I recently cracked open Sugar Daddy and that one was touch and go for a second. It’s very bronze/rose gold. It took some blending, but I was able to make it work. I have not tried LaBronze yet which is the color Jackie created. I’m a tad bit afraid that it will be too bronze for me to use as a highlight. If it is, I will probably just have to use it as an eye shadow.

All in all I loved the set and think it’s more than worth it. I did a full unboxing, complete with swatches below.

*FYI: this is not sponsored in any way. Neither Artist Couture nor Jackie Aina know who I am. I just love the product and want to support other creators.

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