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Day 10

Day 10 Prompt: He looked back and said……… “You are beautiful. You are my rock, my soul, my strength, my weakness, my encourager, my enforcer, my prayer warrior, my rib, my representation, my love, my affection, my motivation, and my best friend.”      Like this post? Don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE, & hit that […]


Day 9: The Madness Made Me Do It…..

I have to admit I was completely bewildered and uninspired by today’s prompt. But I read my girl Miss T’s interpretation of today’s prompt, love it, and wanted to share! She gave me the go ahead and without further aidue …….. The madness made me do it… The madness made me buy those shoes, buy […]


Day 5: What I See Now……

What I see now is that my idea of a relationship is different than it was when I was 18. At 18 I had my first long-term relationship (on and off for 5 years). Looking back over all the years, relationships, and heartbreak I’ve learned a few things about what I thought a relationship should be. How I thought a relationship […]


Day 3: His Touch…

His touch is warm, gentle, and kind. His touch makes me feel protected, secure. His touch makes me feel beautiful and sexy. His touch fills me with love. His touch isn’t always physical. It reaches from his eyes to the deepest parts of my vulnerabilities. His touch is stimulating both mentally and physically. His touch […]


Day 2: The Closer, The Better

Here we are at Day 2 and again it is not an easy prompt. Today’s writing prompt is “The Closer, The Better”. The closer to what the better the what? Was kind of my initial feeling and thought after reading today’s topic of discussion. After that initial feeling of what? professional career and personal life, specifically, […]


Day 1: What I Say & What I Whisper

Hello Everyone! It’s been awhile I know. Life happened but I’m back. I decided to participate in a 30 day blog challenge to help get my creative juices flowing. I’ve invited a few of my friends to participate with me. I am excited to see what happens. What stories we share, what realizations we come […]