Pattern Beauty Review – Styling Products

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Today we are going to discuss Pattern Beauty. If you are unfamiliar, Pattern Beauty is a hair care brand that launched September 2019 by the creator, Tracee Ellis Ross.

Over the course of the summer, the brand released styling products. Previously they focused on wash day products. Shampoos, conditioners, leave-ins etc. I liked the wash day products enough to try the stylers when they launched.

I placed my order on 6/19/2020, the products shipped 3 days later on 6/22/2020. The goodies were delivered to my door on 6/27/2020 which wasn’t bad. The site notated that shipping may take 7-10 business days due to the pandemic and all the issues that the United States Postal Service was experiencing.

Let’s talk products….

I ordered the mini stylers bundle – $30, the clarifying shampoo – $20, and the hydrating shampoo – $20 all for $63. Now you may be thinking, “Major, that math doesn’t make sense.” You would be correct. I signed up for their emails in order to get a discount of 10% (or $7) off my order.

I previously did a review of the Hydrating Shampoo, which can be found here. Let’s move on to the rest of the products…

The Clarifying Shampoo: So, So! The lather was nice. It has the same signature scent as the rest of the line. The product was clear (which most clarifying shampoos are) and the consistency was medium thick. My hair did not feel stripped but it also didn’t feel the cleanest. My hair honestly felt cleaner when I used the hydrating shampoo. After washing my hair twice with the clarifying shampoo I still saw flakes on my scalp after drying my hair. WOMP, WOMP

The Mini Styler Bundle: This bundle included a hydrating mist, strong hold gel, and styling cream.

The Hydrating Mist was a NO for me. I didn’t even get the chance to fully test out the product because the nozzle stopped working after the first few sprays. I tried rinsing the nozzle under warm water, I tried clearing out any residue with a safety pin. Nothing worked. I did some searching online and found this was a common issue with the hydrating mist. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!

The Strong Hold Gel was amazing! A little went a long way and it smoothed out beautifully. The product is clear and didn’t leave any flakes! The consistency is similar to EcoStyler gel. This is not an edge control! However, I do use it as an edge control sometimes by putting on a satin scarf after applying the gel. I’ll leave my scarf on for about 5 minutes or so. After I remove my scarf, my hair is laid and has a nice shine. Also, it did not make my hair feel hard or crunchy. In fact, by the end of the day I was able to comb/brush my hair as normal. I really, really liked this product.

The Styling Cream too, was AMAZING! This may be my most favorite product. The cream is rich. It’s moisturizing. It spreads through the hair really nicely using fingers or a tool like a comb or brush. I instantly felt the difference in my hair when I applied the styling cream. She’s thick so you don’t need much. Even though I only had the travel size, it lasted for awhile because I didn’t need to use a lot. I mainly used the styling cream for twist outs and braid outs. They turned out so surprisingly lustrous, bouncy, shiny, and soft. Also, once I used the product for a style I didn’t need to apply it day after day to maintain the luscious feeling. ONCE WAS GOOD ENOUGH FOR AT LEAST 3 DAYS!

With all of this said, would I repurchase any or these products? Already have! The gel and styling cream are staples in my haircare arsenal. I recently used the styling cream on my daughter who (if you care about hair types) has 4 a/b extremely thick hair. IT TAMED HER HAIR LIKE NOTHING ELSE I’VE USED TO DATE! We were able to stretch her hair style for almost two full weeks without it looking dry, dull, or fuzzy. My hair type would probably fall in the 3c category with a little 3b sprinkled in the front (again if you care about that sort of thing).

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  1. Kadi

    So, I recently tried the trail kit of the shampoo conditioner and leave in. I don’t like the fragrance it holds- it gives me White Diamond vibes, but I think I’d continue to use the wash day trio. I may even try these stylers next.


    1. Major Morris

      So the scent of the stylers is the same as the shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in. I don’t mind the scent. I’d suggest getting the trial sizes of the stylers as well. That is what I did. Once I determined that I liked them, that’s when I bought the full side product.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Kadi

        Oh yes, that is always my rule of thumb get the trial sizes first before investing in full size product. I don’t mind the scent but I prefer products with no scent or a very mild scent – especially for skin care and hair products.


      2. Major Morris

        Completely with you on skincare. No fragrance! I’m not as against it for haircare. My hair type loves heavier products which is why I like Pattern’s products. If your hair doesn’t respond well to heavier products, you may not like the stylers.

        Liked by 1 person

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