Podcast List – 2019

Hey People!

I realized while perusing some of my old posts that I have not updated my podcast list since 2016. Looking at my lists from 2016, some are still the same but many have changed. Below is my current list. Enjoy! I hope you find some gems to add to your list.

Let me start by saying The Read & In The Conversation are still in weekly rotation. Both shows were on my old list so I’m going to skip past those (if you want to know more about those shows, click the hyperlinks).

The Daily – This is a daily news update podcast. Typically the stories are world/current events. Usually each episode focuses on one main story and the show wraps up with additional things you need to know. The episodes are no longer than 35 minutes and they are very well produced.

Small Doses – I have a love/hate relationship with this one. If you know anything about the show’s host, Amanda Seales, you know she is a direct communicator who holds no punches (love). You should also know, she can be a bit extra at times (hate). Overall, I like the show. She has good guests. Good conversations. She speaks honestly and from her heart. Sometimes all of the singing and sound effects can become distracting.

The Dave Ramsey Show – Lately, I’ve been trying to do better with my finances. I’ve been looking for a rhythm and rhyme to better track my household income/spending. Learning to manage finances as a married unit has been difficult for me. The arrival of our first born, sparked something in me, in us to get serious about aligning our financial habits with our goals and dreams for the future. Dave Ramsey is a popular financial “guru” who can be harsh, condescending, and snarky. But, also gives good, straight forward financial advice.

Dead Ass with Khadeen and Devale – These two. LOVE THEM! They apparently have been popping on social media for a while but I just recently discovered them. They just released their podcast and I have nothing but their praises to sing. They are real, authentic, open, honest, funny, and entertaining. Their banter reminds me of me and my husband. Listening to their topics, how they state their perspectives, and how they address each other helps me self reflect on my marriage, issues we discuss, how I respond and where I can do better.

Podcasts that have come & gone…..

*These podcasts were based on a singular story with a beginning, middle, and end.

  1. The Horror of Dolores Roach. Mannnnnn listen! I had no idea what I was in store for. One day I was looking for new podcasts and went over to Gimlet Media. I scrolled for a bit until the cover art of this particular podcast caught my attention. BEWARE, this is not for the faint of heart. Quick synopsis, a woman is released from prison after serving 16 years. She returns to her old neighborhood looking for her boo-thang only to find gentrification and Starbucks. While walking the neighborhood she runs into an old friend by chance who changes her life forever.
  2. The Shrink Next Door & Dr. Death. Both are true stories about 2 doctors (in different professions) who abused their power and the price their patients paid.
  3. Dirty John. Another true story of a successful woman who met and fell for a psychopath. The story reveals the twist and turns their relationship took until things come to a head the day the psychopath tried to confront the woman’s youngest daughter. Alone. In a parking lot.
  4. Heaven’s Gate does a deep dive of the rise and fall of the cult by the same name.
  5. The Drop Out is yet another true story of a young white woman who tricked, scammed, and schemed her way on to Forbes Magazine and into the wallets of politicians and other high rollers by promising fake news about her abilities in the medical testing industry.

Every single podcast on this list is amazing! If you are in the market for some new shows, please check them out and let me know what you think.

Until next time…


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