Podcast Gem

I just listened to a pretty interesting podcast about clean beauty and body products. The episode was short, sweet, and to the point. The conversation was easy to follow. I didn’t feel like I needed a science degree to follow along.

The guest, Megan Roosevelt, did a really good job breaking down the terms she used throughout the interview. While I learned a lot, 2 specific points stood out. Parabens can contribute to or cause hormone imbalance which can cause other issues in the body. And there are no regulations for the term”fragrance” (or parfume). Meaning it can be composed of almost anything.

I made the decision a few months to transition my skin care products (and eventually my makeup) to cleaner alternatives. This interview was a great resource in learning what sneaky things to look out for on labels. Make sure to take a listen when you have some free time. It is not long at all. Only about 20 minutes.

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