Why I canceled my Sephora subscription

Good morning, afternoon, or evening. I literally just hit the “cancel my subscription” button on Sephora’s website. Why?

After three months I decided to cancel my subscription for 2 reasons. The first, out of three boxes there was only one box that I got really excited about. The other two were just en. The last box contained alot of hair samples which was okay. However I personally cannot get much use out of hair product samples. I have THICK hair and because we only receive sample sized items, I typically only get one, maybe two applications which does not really give me the greatest idea of how a product will perform over time.

The second reason is I want to start incorporating cleaner skincare products into my routine. There’s a lot of talk about different chemicals that are sometimes included in cosmetics. Also, the lack of standards surrounding ingredients that get used in cosmetics. I’ve grown increasingly unsettled at the idea of not knowing what chemicals are being absorbed into my body through skincare. For example seeing the warning for pregnant women on the popular Sunday Riley Juno Night Oil is alarming for me. What is in this product that could potentially harm a baby and do I really want my body absorbing that on a regular basis even if I’m not pregnant? For me the answer is no. So, I’ve decided to transition my skincare to  “clean” products and see how they work. Makeup may come later but, baby steps. I’m not ready to part with my makeup fave’s just yet!

I am currently looking into clean beauty subscription boxes like Beauty Heroes. I’m debating if I want to go that route or just start trying products from brands I know produce clean beauty products like Juice Beauty. Either way, I’m curious to see if there will be a difference in the clean products outside of the fact that they are “clean”.

If you know of any clean skincare lines or brands other than Juice Beauty please leave them in the comments below. I want to have options just in case certain products from one line don’t work.

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  1. Brittney Ross

    Great post! I definitely wasn’t wowed by any of the box reviews that I saw. I love the idea of incorporating cleaner skincare into your blog! It’s always nice to know what chemicals are in our products and how they could ultimately end up harming us in the long run. It’s certainly not something I think about when I go in and buy a skincare or beauty product, but it probably should be! xoxo

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    1. M.Morris

      Thanks for reading. I thought skincare and makeup went through some sort of standards or verification process. However I recently learned they don’t. So I’m trying to be more conscious of what I am placing on and subsequently in my body.

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