The New Must Have Concealer…

Hey people! So I’ve recently tried a new concealer and I have not put it down since I bought it. What concealer is it?

img_8499The new Soft Matte Complete Concealer by NARS.I originally saw Tati on Youtube rave about this product but I was on the fence about buying it. Since I was on the fence, I decided to check out a few reviews. The reviews were hit and miss. Half of the people loved it and half of the people hated it.

The one thing that was constant across all the reviews was the fact that it was matte. People hated it because it was matte and people loved it because it was matte. Most of the reviews that loved it used it as a spot concealer. Most of the people that hated it used it as an under eye concealer. Their main complaint was that it was too drying for underneath the eye and emphasized either fine lines or dry patches.

After reading more than a few reviews I was still on the fence. While I was in Sephora returning the Tarte Gym Bag Grabs (if you missed my thoughts on why it sucked so much, be sure to click the link) I decided to play with the samples. I found my shade and tested it out as a spot concealer while in the store.

OMG! I was blown away! It blended out like a dream. No, better than a dream. My dark spots were gone and it did not look like I was wearing anything on my face. No lie, I can easily wear this concealer blended out with nothing else on my face. Sometimes concealers have the tendency to look like heavy or like you are trying to conceal something. Not this concealer. The soft matte finish gives it a skin like look that doesn’t make it look like you are trying to cover something. It just looks like you have nearly flawless skin.

Before & After

How I use it:
 I use the base of my ring finger to warm up the product in the container. I then pat it on the spot(s) I’m trying to conceal and blend the edges out. Magically the concealer melts into my natural skin tone and instantly my cheeks are one color. I love how easy the concealer is to work with using my fingers. I have not tried this product with a brush yet so I can’t speak to how well it works with a brush.

img_8500Recently I’ve been keeping my makeup pretty simple. So after I apply and blend out the concealer. I apply a light layer of powder all over my face, a neutral eye shadow, mascara, and a lippie and I’m all done. Ready to go! If you have the skills, I’m sure the concealer can be built up to be full coverage without looking cakey. I don’t have those skills so I stay in my lane.

The concealer comes in 16 shades. I use Amande which is described as medium dark with golden olive undertones. For reference I use the shade Cuba in the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer.

Make sure you pick this up for spring and summer. I have a feeling this is going to come in very handy for the summer months.

Has anyone else tried this as either a spot concealer or an under eye concealer? For the record I don’t think this would work as an under eye concealer because of the finish. I can totally see this sticking to dry patches and emphasizing fine lines as most of the reviews notated. If you’ve tried this, what did you think? Let me know!

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