Major’s Closet: January 2017

This month I’ve been loving these 3 items.

The jacket I picked up over the summer from American Eagle. It was on sale plus I had a coupon so it was around $35. I love this boyfriend jacket because it’s oversized, thick, and has a worn feel which makes it so comfortable. Because the jacket is oversized I can wear sweaters or hoodies underneath and still have room.

The booties I got from DSW. I went in there on a whim and found these beauties in the clearance section. I was looking for something comfortable to wear for New Year Eve that was dressy but I wouldn’t have to worry about my feet hurting. These were perfect! I was able to party on into the New Year without any foot pain whatsoever. I especially like the tie around the ankle. It’s adds a little something to the bootie to give it that slouchy look which I’m a sucker for.

My third and final favorite is a scarf from Old Navy. On the same day I found the booties I found this scarf. I was looking for a scarf to go with a dress I’d bought to wear on New Years Eve. While bumping around I saw this scarf and it was perfect. It’s large but still thin so it wasn’t bulky looking around my neck the way some thicker picnic scarves can look. Also it was on sale which was all I needed to go ahead and purchase it. I have not worn any other scarf since I bought this one last month.

What were your favorites for the month of January? Also, make sure you Like, Share, and FOLLOW before you go…


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