Dairy free find of the month!! 

It’s the time of year for gingerbread men, holiday music, and eggnog. When you have diet restrictions or are just trying to eat healthier sometimes you have to cut out the things you most enjoy. Well I have good news. Eggnog won’t be one of the things you have to miss out on this season. 

While grocery shopping in Whole Foods, this carton caught my eye. When I doubled back to see what it was. Imagine my surprise when I realized it was dairy free eggnog!  I have to admit I was VERY leery about what it was going to taste like. But I was so intrigued I decided to get it anyway. 

I honestly thought it was going to be weird and nasty. I know what you’re thinking, why buy it then? Valid question. My answer, because I wanted to try it dammit! Lol. Back to the subject at hand, this stuff is AMAZING!!! It taste just like regular eggnog with one exception. It does have a slight coconut milk aftertaste. When I say slight, I mean the lightest hint. It blends well with the whole ‘nog’ taste. If you see this around, make sure to check it out!! 

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