Major’s Closet: October 2016

The October edition of Major’s Closet is finally here! YES! I’m so excited to introduce this new segment.

Fall is finally upon us. That means scarves, sweater weather, and pumpkin spiced everything! This is my favorite time of year clothing wise because there’s so much you can do. For me it’s all about sweaters and boots. Oh, how I love a good boot!

While it’s not quite boot weather (at least not where I am). It is sweater and Panama hat weather.Best believe I took full advantage. My 2 favorite looks this month were:

My poncho and panama hat. Last fall/winter I went on a brimmed hat binge. A good brim is not only stylish but will actually keep your head warm.

My blanket jacket……I love this jacket so much! I feel like I got this straight from Olivia Pope’s closet. It makes me feel Powerful. Like I should be running shit! And who doesn’t want to fee like that?

Do you have something that you just could not stop wearing? Yes? Let me know what it was so I can check it out.

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