Today I listened to……..

Today I listened to The Minority Trailblazer’s podcast hosted by Greg Hill. I have a love/hate relationship with this podcast at the moment. The premise of the podcast is dope as shit. Greg is a black entrepreneur who interviews other (usually black) entrepreneurs. His guest list is comprised pretty evenly of men and women. All ranging in specialty.

His guest are captivating with very interesting stories. Usually coming from modest to normal homes, attending college, and joining the workforce. You know, the normal set path so to speak. Usually something happens, some kind of collapse or breakdown that spawns these entrepreneurial endeavors.

Here’s the hate part of the relationship. His interviews aren’t fluid. At least to me they aren’t. He has a tendency to interrupt the interview just when it’s getting good to recap or restate something that the guest just said and it throws off the whole flow of the interview.

Today I listened to episode 29 with Matthew Green. This guy had a pretty cool story. In a nutshell, Matthew started out on one business path with one set of friends and ended up on a different business path with different friends. Things he learned from business path A, he was able to apply to business path B. His interest in running and just doing something different within his circle accidentally morphed into him establishing a night run event which then intentionally morphed into him establishing a run club. Matthew is now the co-founder of the District Running Collective in Washington DC.

Listening to his story and the chain of events that lead him to where he is today was pretty amazing. By the end of the episode I had looked up his Instagram and even night run events in my area since I am not in or near DC. Now let me say right here and now that I am NOT a runner. I recently (and by recently I mean this week) started trying to get into running. However I thought his story and what he’s trying to do was pretty cool so I wanted to share. Hopefully whenever I get to Washington I will be able to join in for a run.


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