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“My SpeakerBoxx” is going to be the section of my blog dedicated to music. My fave’s, what I’ve been listening to, what I’m feeling at the moment, so on and so forth. This week I decide to take a break from all the podcast I’ve been listening to, and get caught up on some music. I listened to Erykah Badu, G-Eazy, Coldplay, Christina Milian, and Jeremiah. Below are my opinions on all 5 albums. All got a solid 1st time listen. I did not skip any songs and tried to listen with as much of an open mind as possible.



Ms. Badu, Ms Badu! Lord she had me cracking up from the time I hit play. As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to appreciate and understand Erykah Badu much better. In appreciating her and all her glory I’ve gained a much better appreciation for her music. I’ve always like her don’t get me wrong. But when I was younger I did not always understand the message in her songs or videos. After Ms. Badu hosted the 2015 Soul Awards I pulled up her mixtape, But You Can’t Use My Phone. It was every bit as snarky and sassy as I expected. Erykah Badu is a very socially conscious person but she doesn’t go Lupe Fiasco with it (if you know anything about Lupe you know he’s tip toed out to left field a bit with his music and delivery of his opinions). Erykah Badu has a special way of delivering a message. She can speak about some profound thing and still deliver it with humor and in such a way where it doesn’t come across condescending. Plus I just love how nonchalantly she delivers shade. She’s not nervous AT ALL to say how she feels.


imageColdplay was one of my faves this week! Their new album is titled A Head Full of Dreams. I loved this album. It’s soothing yet makes you want to move and sway all at the same time. I loved that all their songs had substance. I’ve listened to this a few times throughout the week while getting ready, cleaning the house, cooking, whatever! It just makes me feel good when I listen to it. You ever have a song or an album that just makes you feel good but you can’t quite put your finger on why???? This album does that to me.



Next up, G-Eazy – When It’s Dark Outside. For the first 7 or so songs I was shaking my head. Asking myself “why are you listening to this again?” I absolutely was hating it!!!!!! All the songs sound the same and were about the same thing. Sex, women, & bravado. Then something happened. The subject matter started moving in a different direction. Family, childhood, growing up. “Okay” I thought to myself. “Not bad”. This half of the album was leaps and bounds better than the first half. There are 17 songs total. If you are looking for something new give it a shot. If you can make it through the first half of the album, you may actually enjoy a song or 2.


image3rd on the list, Jeremiah – Late Nights. Seems like I’d heard good reviews about this album so I gave it a listen. NOPE!!!!!!! Wasn’t for me. It was totally and completely lacking. The entire album was about sex. No love, no courtship, no relationship, no poetry. Simply sex. He’s an R & B artist so I get it. But come on! Give me some variety. Give me some heart and soul. Make me feel like you are singing from the depths of your heart. Don’t just keep singing about the same thing the same way over and over again. It gets old real quick. Just equate it to the bedroom. Do you want the same thing the same way over and over again for the rest of your days? Sounds real boring doesn’t it…………


imageLastly, Christina Milian – 4U. Why oh why did I click on play? WHY?????? This one is not a full album (thank God). It’s an EP totaling 4 songs. Let’s start off by saying I wish I didn’t waste 14 minutes and 22 seconds of my time but I was committed to giving it a shot so I soldiered through it. Wrong decision, in case you were wondering. I had to look up how old Christina Milian was after I finished listening to the EP. I forgot by the end of song 2 I was listening to a grown woman. If you didn’t know who she was you would think based off the EP alone that she was some young girl, maybe 18-22, who just left her parents house and is experiencing sex for the first time. All (4) of her songs sounds like she’s d*ckmatized, sprung, fiending, take your pick of adjective. I really wish she would just give up trying to revive her music career and stick to acting. Hallmark does 25 days of Christmas movies. I know you could get cast as the lead in one of those movies girl.


And that’s it for this week’s episode of My SpeakerBoxx. Let me know your opinion if you’ve taken the time to listen to any of these albums.

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