My Favorite Song This Month

I love music! *Disclaimer: I’m eclectic and like a diverse musical library.* I listen to everything from Young Jeezy to Maroon 5. So there will be no telling what you will find here. Okay, enough with the boring babble and let’s get to what I’ve been rocking out to this month.

I have a subscription to Apple music. For those who don’t know Apple music is basically Spotify for Apple. While perusing the new music category I remember seeing this album but not clicking on it. Within the next few days I was in the car and James (my fiancé) and he was streaming music. We heard this song and immediately started jamming! We looked to see who it was and it was this young-looking girl. I loved the song so much the very next day at work I listened to her entire album. Actually it’s only an EP not a full-fledged album. I really this chick. Although she is young (19) her songs have content and paint a progressive picture over the course of the song. I can’t wait to see what direction she goes in with her career.

Drumroll please…………………The young lady I am referring to is, Alessia Cara. Below is the cover of her EP accompanied by the list of songs.

Alessia Cara

Four Pink Walls:

01 Seventeen
02 Here
03 Outlaws
04 I’m Yours
05 Four Pink Walls

My favorite song is “Here”. Basically its about being at a house party but absolutely, positively NOT wanting to be there. I can relate. I am by choice mostly a hermit. I like being at home, in my comfy clothes, wrapped up in a nice fluffy blanket, sipping on some tea. Even now as an adult 80% of the time when I got to clubs I am thinking the same things stated in “Here”.


Honorable mention for song of the month goes to…………..

  1. Liquor – Chris Brown
  2. God – Young Jeezy

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